Frequently Asked Questions

What is your service area?

Our team is based out of Fort Worth, Texas but we service the entire United States and Canada. We have both local and travel technicians based around the country.

What do you install?

To date, we have worked with over 100 product variations, ranging from ELDs, crash cameras, exterior vehicle monitoring, wireless tracking, remote temperature control, lane departure, solar devices, body cameras, on board printers and scanners, people tracking and more.

Do you warranty your work?

Yes, we do. We here at M4 Tracking take pride in the work that we do. We recognize that as ground level personnel our actions and quality directly affect the reputation of our clients and the product manufacturers. We offer a one year warranty with all of our install work.

Are you insured/bonded?

All of our installation work is insured for workmanship and installation related issues..

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