Frequently Asked Questions

We realize that our clients are experts at what they do, but that does not necessarily mean they know GPS tracking technology. At M4 Tracking, we believe an informed client is a happy client, and have built a list of the most frequently asked questions to answer your most pressing concerns.

Do you offer powered equipment tracking devices?

Yes, we offer a number of solutions to track powered equipment, ranging from personal vehicles to transportation vehicles to heavy equipment.

Do you offer non-powered equipment tracking devices?

Yes, we’re proud to offer tracking devices for virtually any need, including for non-powered equipment.

What services do you offer?

We strive to provide the services our clients need with no unnecessary extras. We can offer device recommendations, installation service, training for your staff or team, customization and much more.

What devices do you use?

We strive to source our devices only from proven leaders in the industry. We also ensure that each client receives a specific recommendation on the ideal device for their requirements.

What needs can your GPS tracking services benefit?

We serve clients in a very broad range of industries, from logistics to the government sector and everything in between. Each client’s requirements are unique, but some of the most common include asset location, GPS tracking for billing verification and compliance management.

How easy is the M4 Tracking system to use?

We take a lot of pride in the fact that our system is not only very easy to use, but that we offer training and customization services to our clients. Of course, you get real-time GPS tracking from all devices.

Are your devices hardwired into the equipment/vehicle?

We offer both plug-and-play devices and hardwired GPS tracking devices to meet the broadest range of client needs possible.

M4 Tracking can provide a customized GPS tracking solution to fit your needs.

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