About Us

Having been in the industry for over 10 years, M4 tracking have seen just about everything. Using that knowledge we have developed a very strong approach towards quality and customer/end user satisfaction. As a result we have cultivated underwriting, scheduling and quality control teams to help ensure the best possible business experience. Our technicians are professionally trained and experienced in a wide variety of fleet based products including but not limited to ELD systems, crash detection and monitoring, lane departure, wireless tracking, remote temperature control and more.



Our in house scheduling coordinators will work directly with your project management team to ensure proper technician placement and facilitate smooth, open lines of communication throughout the duration of our business relationship. We also provide data reconciliation services as requested.


With our team of underwriters, you will be able to conduct business in record time. Anytime you reach out, you will have their undivided attention and they will have an answer for you within minutes. This keeps the technicians free to work, and keeps your business progressing forward.

Quality Control

Work in this industry long enough and you’ll find that the reputation of your business relies on the quality of your installers. That is why our quality control team takes a proactive approach towards quality in a multitude of ways. We familiarize ourselves with install standards and best practices for each and every project. We perform real time photo review of every install. With realtime photo review, we are able to revisit and correct issues; often before the technician even leaves site. We personally sign off on each and every technician we on-board, regardless of work history. If outside training is provided, we have a quality control technician escort the trainee through class if necessary. Our quality team stays current on product knowledge and project details to ensure the best on site and phone support possible. Our QC team provides support to our technicians 24/7. The last and most important function of our quality control team is time critical response. Members of our quality team are always available to be dispatched anywhere to support or correct any issue that cannot be resolved remotely.


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